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ACQUAVIVA already agricantus / “Il canto del campo di grano” / Blog Info

Agricantus (“il canto del campo di grano”): is a band gender “world ethnic electronica” , born in Palermo.
The group became famous in the mid 90′s with the ‘sound’ of bandleader Tonj Acquaviva, and the arrival of Swiss singer Rosie Wiederkehr.
From the beginning, Agricantus (Latin: the song of the corn field), has always had a boundless vision of the world, from which to extract a musical narrative through links with the cultures of the five continents.
His artistic journey is symbolically based on ‘vision of peace between peoples’, that peace can be built continuously through the sounds, music and words.
The intention is to enrich their music with sounds and colors, languages and scripts, with the desire to lead the listener through a continuous ‘growing’ and ‘lowering’ of music, to switch to another possible world.

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